25 February, 2009

Death Row: The long wait to hell.

Criminals are not entirely lunatics. Because for some reason they had the ability to figure out how to sort the dead bodies. So murder has a predominant fact that it is normally planned even if the plan was not really perfect. Now these murderers or criminals of other acts that are sentenced to the gallows are having a long time to wait for them to meet their maker. Which should not be the case...but the courts which seems to have idiots managing their documents are causing the delay.

Now just because a bunch of papers these people on the last mile are left to wait for their execution. Honestly that is not a pleasant thing to wait for. Apart from the time they eat and sleep they do nothing else but wait for their turn to hang at the end of a bloody thick rope.

The courts know that they have a problem in managing their records but why the wait for these people to be hung and end their misery? It would be best to end these criminal's lives the moment their appeal have been exhausted. I bet you it is more painful to just sit and wait in that cold cell awaiting the grim reaper to arrive. Not that they have Playstations to play with to pass time.

It would be humanely so to expedite the process and send these people on their way to meet their maker. It is not only them that are suffering but their families too which have enough pain to deal with.

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