16 February, 2009

Khir Toyo steams over Eli's urrmmm...

Oh Khir...oh Toyo what is lingering in your pants..whoops brains at the moment? Then the government now the opposition in his state clearly is beyond any reason of a doubt that he was never a skilled politician and let alone a wise one. Now it shows clearly in his recent comments about Elizabeth Wong's "fresh" photos.

If it was ever safe to say that BN fielded candidates that are spotless clean then our country would not be split in half as it is now. 50 over years of BN and the seeds of corruption grew into a healthy monster that was nurtured to perfection by who else? Khir should really consider about shooting himself in the foot literally rather than live with such a despicable statement.

Shut up Khir! Just bloody shut up and keep to cleaning teeth of your compatriots with your dirty flossing and scaling tools.

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