28 February, 2009

Kurang Bijak: UMNO Youth

Now it seems that UMNO youth were provoked at the parliament lobby when they wanted to approach Karpal. Add to that Hishamuddin says UMNO youth wont apologize. I see the point... if they do apologize then it will appear for the obvious reasons that UMNO youth did something wrong.

It is not wrong mind you when there is the need to clarify something. But the execution could have been better. Like I have said they suffer from premature ejaculation. No thought at all in finding a better way to clarify things. Of course Karpal and DAP sees a horde of pissed UMNO youths as a security threat to themselves and that is why they all went on the defensive. It is perfect common sense.

What should these adolescent UMNO youths should have done is make an appointment with Karpal on neutral grounds to clarify things if it was really needed then make a press statement on the matter. There, simple and end of story.

As for Karpal the older he gets the more lack of control he becomes. Perhaps it is old age catching up. But I do agree with him that UMNO youths are somewhat rude and brash in their execution not that I blame them since they are indeed called youths. Just the definition is a bit screwed up....45 years old are still considered youths? God, I wonder who taught them that. It is that 5% of youth members that are the gems~ the rest can be said as wasted sperm.

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