28 February, 2009

No more new varsities...duh~! Najib baru sedar ke?

Ok, the decision is right. And what a timely one at that. At the brink of economic disaster there is no place for illogical spending. Especially when current resources are not used to the fullest. I appreciate that there are more community colleges across the country. It gives a chance for those who cant afford full blown university fees a chance to learn important skills and at the same time increase our local talent pool.

Why else do you think that year in and year out that many complain of not getting into institutions of higher education? When Najib comes into power I hope that he rethinks where the country is heading in the education field. Obviously our varsities are no where up in the world rankings of the world's best. Predominantly the one varsity that the BN government seem to celebrate and cheer for (UiTM) is nothing but a marketing ploy. To the extent I think it was more of a political decision of having such a mono ethnic varsity to please the Malays and to make sure they vote for BN.

Other varsities are far better and they did it all without much hoo-haa. The idea of churning out hundreds of thousands of graduates every year seems to be a good thing on the surface. But for years the returns are sorely missing the quality grade. Seriously 2 stupid brains will not make a better idea. On top of that there seems to be knowledge leak where the country's best students are snapped up by large foreign multinationals and the creme de la creme seems to not prefer building their careers in the country.

Now, we have the infrastructure. We have the volume. We now sorely need to build a better knowledge base. Churn more quality thesis and research to boost the one resource that we seem to always neglect because of difference of political opinions. Why differentiate between a Malay's brain of that to other races who are Malaysians? The detrimental costs is borne by us all. Our economy is still highly dependent on production and agriculture. we need an economy that will stand the test of time and politics.

K economy was said to be it. That is why the MSC was envisioned. That is why we have high technological partners to breed a new kind of commodity but somehow greed grew far faster than we can stop and think about the distant future. For this country revolves around now. We have 5 year plans and Vision 2020.... but it seems that somehow nothing materializes as what the thick binded paper proposed.

For all the resources that is allocated to the Malays, it would be far more beneficial to spread that wealth across all races. Give it to those who deserve it by merit and not skin colour. That way the net will cover a bigger space and net more substantial returns in the long run.

Still Najib is a politician. THe whole generation of politicians are hungry for the wrong reasons. All they care is their own deep pockets....make it nice and fat while the the rest of us have to make do with lint fillings. Good to stop the spending.... but at the same time don't stop the spending to the well deserved areas and people.

So would Najib seriously forget his deep pockets for the betterment of the country as a whole? I highly doubt it~ but i have not stopped praying and hoping. If the Malays were to be the most respected and honoured race, let it be for the darn right reasons and not for it's own sick, fat, worm infested stomach.

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