07 February, 2009

Perak hijacked and PKR hoodwinked.

Nasty turn of events in Ipoh and I received an sms advising me to stay away from the town by my relatives since they know that I am in Taiping on some work. Although nothing happened in Taiping but everytime the news replayed what happened everyone would stop in their tracks and catch up on the situation as it unfolds on television. It can be seen in their faces that they are very concerned and worried. 

I am merely an observer in all this. If this were to happen in Selangor I would very much fear worse things could have happened. So Taiping was silent but in their hearts I fear not. Murmurs went on such as "Kenapa depa buat macam tu?" was ringing and happiness was very distant.

I feel too that the way BN took over was not at all democratic. PKR was squeezed to a boiling point and the decision of the Sultan compounded the drill deeper. I am also doubtful the way that the MB's office was practically emptied. It looked at if everything was meticulously planned and executed.

I do not blame the new MB who is a representative of a small holiday island. But I bet you that Najib will just make him a pawn and one who is expandable for reclaiming a state. I bet Najib would love to have his face poster-ed all over Perak and celebrated as the one who brought back BN into the Perak government.

What a way to start his pre-reign as PM. Honestly there are more people that hate Najib and it is growing everyday. The style that was adopted was very akin to a coup. What if the assemblyman of Bota is part of the whole plan. To start a fire all it needs is a wick. Almost immedietly when BN had just enough seats Bota man flipped sides.

Yes so constitutionally the change is in the right procedures. But it could have been done in a lesser hurry and in a far better and fair manner. Desperate BN needs to cover ground that it lost in the last elections. Sincerely the way they did it is no different from terrorist tactics. There were better outlets to resolve the issues. But it was never played from the deck. Thus my verdict is BN cheated. Najib cheated. UMNO let the Malays down.... again.


Rambling Mind said...

I wonder if your tone would have been different if it had been Pakatan Rakyat instigating defections to take over?

Rauff said...

Well, if it was the other way around and PKR deployed the same tactics I would most certainly not agree either.

By the way....the State Council members must return the Camrys. It's not theirs to keep.