09 February, 2009

Perak: A state devided. Najib's name on plate.

Tussle of parties, the fight to stay on, and the submission to not be a traitor to the Sultan. This does not involve only 2 entities but in fact at least 4 in total. There is BN who wants to claim Perak, there is PKR which somehow lost the confidence of their representatives, there are the citizens of Perak who can't believe what is happening to their beloved state and there is the Sultan which put his royal foot down to end the bullshit.

Well, I figure that either way the decision that a Sultan has to make will anger one party or the other. There is no way to appease the party loyalist, the Sultan loyalist and the people in general all at the same time. But knowing what Sultans do they don't give much of an explanation as to how they have come to a particular decision. So the people speculate and much to the negative side of it.

Alright, so Najib took UMNO and BN Perak by it's collars and practically said "Look here, we are going to take this state here by hook or by crook" although this of course is not his own words but I believe it did not stray that far off from the original. Of course Perak is not really an economic power state unlike Terangganu or Selangor which one has Black Gold and the other the technology and expertise in products and services. I bet Najib would just be drooling imagining he got that back.

The disbelief is expressed by many. Those Perak born as well as those who believe in the constitutional sultanate. Sad indeed it is, angry some are but take it as a one chance shot for Najib to prove that BN still has what it takes to build a nation so let it start with Perak first. It does not have a formidable economic plan as compared to the likes of Johor and Selangor. The mining days have long ended to contribute a nickel to the income pot. So what can BN do with a slim majority?

There is about a month till Najib takes the baton from Pak Lah and if he wants to stay there he better be delivering big to at Perak first since I bet the Sultan has Najib's head in sight if anything were to screw up. But rest assured if the Sultan can't do much but the people will still listen is the Sultan were to make a public statement that the whole state is not to vote for BN in the next general elections. Now that will be so much worse than eating your own shit.

Be careful Najib. The people of Perak has your name on their platter for their next big feast.

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