05 February, 2009

PKR and BN tussle over silver state.

To have snap state elections or not to have one? Well that is for the Sultan to think about. However to look over and prevent a constitutional crisis some lawyer will be referred to and perhaps PKR might find it to their favour. Unless BN plays some dirty tricks and get it their way with a simple majority.

The defaction of Nasarudin and later his return to BN is plausible. Which much be one of the fastest party hopping in history. So the Perak state government hangs in precarious limbo until one coalition can claim it rightfully theirs.

What might be interesting here is how Najib wants Perak back...ad of course without the hassle of snap elections. Of course it would cost money but even more important is to regain a key state that Lim Kit Siang has so much influence in. So loosing even half a state is not an option for Najib.

What must be understood is that the people has the ultimate say of who is going to govern the state. Let it be a fickle situation but the natural progerssion of things must not be ignored and if it a snap election that the people wants then thay should have it. However Najib would not leave everything to chance.

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