23 February, 2009

PKR not done with Perak.

It seems to me that Perak is being tossed around like a salad with French dressing. BN will find it stupid of them not to consider that the laws that they passed will work against their favour. What can I say, in this case "UMNO mudah lupa."

The new MB and 6 state councilors are frozen and their numb nuts are just numb or more likely to be stupid now. BN is indeed outsmarted by PKR and nothing is wrong there really. Now the state is in limbo and a limbo state will have suffering people. Surely no one would want to do business with Perak since the state can't decide who to choose to lead the camp.

At the end of it all "semua tak boleh pakai". Sultan is scratching his head now while BN has a large sign above it's head "SUCKER". Nizar is happy enough to move out but he looks confident that he will be returning to that house soon enough. We shall see...owh we shall see.

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