12 February, 2009

Political Gangster.

Bukit Gantang and Selembau will be up for grabs. BN is sore on getting even with PKR which from the previous by elections they have lost with their balls in their throats. What is the tactic this time? Would BN play fair or would they resort to filthy games that we all know that they are capable off.

Things are different now. Najib is in charge and as how the recent debacle in Perak, it shows that whatever it takes BN shall do it. So it might turn ugly and very dirty. However I do find that PKR is a bit lost in their cause. There are calls for Anwar to give up the party. There is tough guy Karpal being stubborn as he has always been.

Would it all comedown to hostile takeovers all the time? The way I see it that is a very probable outcome.

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