23 February, 2009

Slumdog wins 8 Accademy Awards. Malaysian Politics should win the same

What has this got to do with Malaysian Politics you ask? Well, if you have watched the movie I think it says for a lot. First off we have a bright young man that for everything else he really wants to find his childhood sweetheart. We have a presenter of the show who simply could not believe such a person could get so far into the game show...thus he uses whatever power he has to make the guy quit or change his mind.

Apply that two to Malaysian Politics and you can see the resemblance. There are some honest men out there that wants to do good for the love of their country. There is the government with such corrupt individuals who wants to ensure that the riches stays with them forever and have all the glory to themselves. But it is not a 2 and a half hour movie...it is something that will go on for generations and has been done for the past 60 years or so.

The difference is that between then and now there is more colour. More special effects..... more dramatic plots and more animated actors or political pawns. The level of greediness has never been higher. In fact I think it could climb even more. What is true is that politics is all too much flair. It has lost it's true enriching qualities that the people can use a good examples. There are no longer morals and honour.

Opponents would do great lengths to ensure that their nemesis turns to dust. They would procure recordings of videos and go to the effort of planting surveillance devices and have private investigators or henchmen to note their every blunder so that it can be used against them when the need arises.

It is just that none of them politicians will receive the Oscars or the Golden Globe. Or will they gain superstardom and their powers wont last long. They are indeed dramatists, illusionist (cheaters and liars are more accurate) who take pride in their performances that promises to in the end leave you in tears and complete misery.

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