26 February, 2009

Tiu~! Toll rates up Sunday onwards.

Do I want to curse or do I want to rant? I think both! What the tiu for raising the toll that high for? It is not like that the whole way is flooded with lights and their emergency response time is in 15 minutes. For PLUS higway is will be 86 sen per KM!!! NPE will be RM2 per friggin tol gate you pass!! Of course it sounds not much one way, but you have to remember that people do commute to and from work every day.

Now what on earth are we paying road tax for? Oh, that is for the maintenance of non toll and federal roads right? Come on, the only non tolled roads we pass everyday is within our housing are. Who goes interstate on normal roads anymore?

My question here is would this increase lessen the concession period? I doubt it will. Some excellent job this government has done. Yay! Clap Clap Clap. Owh wait~ let us see the retort in the news tomorrow about the increase. I bet things like "Use public transport" or car pool or walk will come out. Yeah right like it's not enough what we have been doing all these years. Thanks but no thanks.

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NickTay said...

I really hate paying tol and still getting stuck in crazy jams like in the NPE! Argh!!