27 February, 2009

UMNO Youth are immature rowdy bunch of boys.

So what if Karpal says shit? If it is bullshit then it is worth all the effort to ignore rather than torment a wheelchair bound old fart like Karpal. For Karpal it is his style of doing things. He is a lawyer for god's sake and the drama of the courtroom is second nature to him to rouse suspicion or even raise anger to his benefit. Now looks like Karpal is the one laughing at the adolescent UMNO Youth.

It looks all nice to see them dressed in shirts and suits visiting the parliament only just to cause a fight. This UMNO Youths I tell you are a bunch of loose cannons and ejaculate prematurely on every tiny issue. Lead by their sophomore baboon Khairy. How can possibly that Hishamuddin allowed this to happen in the first place. Perhaps he does not bother anymore since he is moving on to higher grounds. Whatever it is UMNO Youths are fit for the Zoo rather than any kind of administration office.


Gallivanter said...

Agreed. Pemuda UMNO Celaka is right.


Chauncey Gardener said...

10 years ago, there was an incident now referred to as APCET II.

A bunch of people from the same political organisation were involved. Case is still ongoing in court (sigh !).

Someone should remind them that their opposition to the independence of East Timur came to naught as it is now an independent country. Whoever the dalang was that pulled the strings then surely chose the wrong horse.

Can someone tell the current bunch to learn from past mistakes ?