31 March, 2009

What light shines after Pak Lah exits?

Malaysian Politics turning point has hit it's curve. Many are hoping that it is on an upswing. Wave after wave of controversy hit both sides of the fence and by the looks of it BN is the one that is fairing better. PKR is perhaps on a mood swing with more and more confusing attitudes thrown towards it's de facto leader. Perhaps that is why Anwar is so silent these days?

No matter, now what is evident is that Najib is wedged in the bench to take over from the frail judgement of Pak Lah. Are we going to see an end to flip flop politics and governance? Najib, should be aware that the people are not really keen on anything that the government would want to suggest during his early term at the helm. Failing to make changes where it matters most seems to be a trait that BN is so dialed into since Tun M retired.

Starting first off is the RM60 billion stimulus for the economy. Which I think would not be a contributing factor for the next general elections. We malaysians have a short memory span so most likely we sill forget about that. Next would be of course the super duper hi-tech Iskandariah thing down South. Again that wont be much of a shout since we have yet to see the fruit of Putrajaya and Cyberjaya.

What would serve Najib and his platoon of ministers is a comprehensive plan that would lift Malaysia's brain power and economic resilience towards the US and Japan. So far we are holding ground. So far we are not hit that bad....yet. So what other stimulating steps does Najib have up his mighty sleeves?

27 March, 2009

UMNO's emotional pubecent youths.

Withstanding the fact that UMNO is rife with money politics and as the saying goes "Bapak borek, Anak rintik" UMNO youths again showed of how shallow and ill mannered they were in public. Words like Mati, Bunuh, Mampus and a few other malay profanities were thrown when they found that their choice did not be the new UMNO youth leader.

Actually, I think it serves UMNO youth's right for they deserve to have such an outstanding character such as KJ. He is a good example of what UMNO youths are. Full of hanky panky and likes to play money to his tune. Come to think of it. it translates directly to what UMNO really is today. This "I will help the rakyat if and only if I get something out of it too" party is indeed reaching for new heights. The higher it goes the harder they will fall.

For the rest of us, it should not be a reason to emulate such rowdiness. UMNO youths are a good example of what the rest of us should not be. So as you see there is good to these numb nuts afterall.

26 March, 2009

Khairy now takes the pot of gold.

As much as I hate to admit the facts.... but this most famous son in law got what he wanted. Slim margin or not he achieved it. Now old Papa in law goes out watching the sunset he is dragging in his furniture to move in and set his own sunrise. Spectacular? I would no want to know.

Now he just got away with a warning on money politics. Well, that what happens at the junior level.... if it were the senior seat he would most probably be stepped on like a cockroach. What will happen to UMNO Youth? I say a lot of things.

For one thing we could possibly see more monkey antiques and perhaps even some cross dressing campaigning for the next general elections. The opposition might even hold another "emergency" under the tree meeting to solve this problem called Khairy.

Should Khir be disappointed with the loss? Should Mukhriz just run and hide to lick his battle wounds? No, in fact it will be much harder for Khairy to control these fellas because being too junior to them. Is is a bleak future from now onwards? Yes and no. Yes it is bleak because Khairy may just continue his money laundering scams and no one would be able to nail him. This slick favourite son in law just received the pot of gold in a golden chariot.

20 March, 2009

Good move Felda youths.

It is a relief and with much respect to know that Felda youth are taking a more pro-active role in striking back the negative perception of society towards them. The report from NST stating that Felda youth are to launch their own blog impresses me and strikes me as a positive way forward to stamp clear that not all Felda youths are wasted. As a popular Malay saying goes "Kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga", which has been the predicament that innocent Felda youths have to face once stepping into urban society.

Not only ass a point of clarifying and to dispel the lies told about them but at the same time I think it should inspire youths in general to set a healthy competitive standard. It would only serve to benefit all youths in general and perhaps bring an even brighter future to Malaysian youths.

Maybe these Felda youths can teach us all a thing or two about how their settlement works to cultivate the land that was given to their families by the government. If any of them are keen to take it one step further than perhaps even a study paper can be published in their findings. I am actually curious as to how exactly they lead their lives and bring sustainable economy towards their community. Bravo Felda! Viva la Youth!

But monitoring the blog? Won't that pose as a bottle neck in the intellectual minds of Felda Youth?

19 March, 2009

Abstain Najib from becoming PM

Is this the right plight of the opposition? But apart from Najib do we have anyone else with enough experience to manage a cabinet and country? The predicament is a grim one if I may so so myself. Not at all a fan of Najib and worse still I can't think of anyone else that could possibly take his place as PM.

To request the Agong to deny Najib his place may or may not be national suicide. Just look at what we have besides Najib. On top of that just look at what we have as opposition leaders? One does not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that we are already screwed from day one.

What seems to be the problem is that our talent pool is not so vast. The system of politics that we practice is not self sustaining from one generation to the next. Now we have come to the end of such a generation and what is left in it's wake is half past loons that do not command the much needed respect required to instill confidence.

In a way I am happy too.... because from all this drama (if ever someone notices), the young can learn not to be such buffoons like the current crop of so called leaders. I dare to say this.... let Malaysia crumble to the ground and build itself up from ground zero again. That is the only way for all of us to understand how much it means to be sovereign.

Malaysia does not forget.... but we seem to be complacent and lazy to push for better minds and characters. So should the Agong think twice in making Najib the next PM? Nope....pretty much he is not left with much choice.

Project Petaling Street is sold! What might the new owner do to it?

The rumor mill was correct this time. PPS was sold... but to who? At least it is sold to a Malaysian and a blogger at that. But what kind of blogger? My sources points out that he is very notorious in the blogsphere and already earns a neat sum per month of his current blogs. Yes I said "HE". I need to do my own digging to find out exactly who because I wouldn't want to publish something wrong and get the ball rolling the other way.

But it is for sure PPS will have a new look. It has to and be monetized, hence the guy who bought it did so. From what I heard the price is way lower than what we could expect....well below the RM5k mark. Hmmm....a desperate sale perhaps?

18 March, 2009

Ali oh Ali... KJ kembali mengejar bintang

Hah.... see now how old habiits die hard? With a small announcement by the UMNO Discipline council Ali Rustam is out of contention. KJ on the other hand he actually got away with it. Just a simple warning and he can still contest. The outcome of the investigations to me is also a marketing ploy. Ali Rustam may or may not be involved in money politics at all, but it goes to show since he is not making too much fuss about it in public perhaps he was indeed involved in some light handed gestures.

All eyes is just watcghin to see if UMNO keeps it's word in weeding out money politics. So also as not to loose trust amongst it's members as well as to keep the opposition from drooling with anticipation that they F*&$K up they pulled out 2 names which are contesting in the party elections. While the other mentioned are mere minions to add to the flavour text.

What happens next? Will KJ's position in the race be effected? I doubt it effects anything since money politics is UMNO's little estranged whore. It should not be called money politics as not all the time money is the form of exchange. Whatever it is you may call it there is no way it can be cleaned. Have faith in UMNO! Greed Politics will live on forever!

17 March, 2009

Rumours has it that PPS is for SALE!!!

Yeap... that is what it says. The minority in the Malaysian blogsphere knows how far is it true....but like the rest of us we could only wait and see.... Hmmm... How much do you think PPS or Project Petaling Street  Dot ORG is worth??

15 March, 2009

Why not just built a damn statue!

After reading this in NST Online I was just practically rolling all over my desk laughing. I mean what on earth were they thinking? Placing a plaque to commemorate a state council's first ever tarzan / Jungle Book gathering?

Just when it was placed, almost immediately it was smeared with tar and vandalized. Which was very much proper considering it holds no historic value anyway. Why not just build a whole monument? Something like the Tugu Negara.... depicting the whole assembly including the speaker fully attired? Now that would be very impressive!

Some numb nuts idea and a moron's understanding of such an event. What happened after that "pohon rendang" assembly? Did PKR get the state back? No right? I pitty that tree really.... all those years of quiet unharnessed life now certainly has come to an end. Now if that tree gets the chop...certainly a memorial for it should be much more apt than the assembly.

Buying a Space monkey suit.

At such a time when finding a job is so hard some local company (government backed of course) decides to spend a whole year worth of an executive's pay to purchase a space suit. For what? Just to display that we indeed have a space tourist since we don't really have seen a receipt for the flight.

No offense to the astro-tourist but I think his achievement is not acknowledged in a humble way. Too much hooo-haaa and more fluff than matter. What Mara should do is offer him a job to further research. And pay him for the work he has done and not tell bedtime stories. Proper research.... what our country can benefit from taking part in a space programme? What technology that can be implemented in day to day use and build a knowledge base for aspiring astronauts, astro-tourist and astro-monkeys.

But above all why the hell does MARA see the use to purchase the stupid suit? It is not the suit that is important it was the brain that the suit was carrying. Utter idiots I must say.

13 March, 2009

60 Billion to float a nation.

Najib presented a stimulating figure. Either good or bad is down to individual interpretation. But what I happen to notice is Sarawak and Sabah are getting a lot from it. I know my kind readers are jumping to say "Owh, he is going to say that it's political marketing". So I don't need to say much really.

But is this really money worth investing in? Especially at such a time when even RM60 sounds a lot to many. Well, here are two states that are very much neglected in terms of developments on all fronts. These two states too has the most abundant amount of natural resource. Could the BN government suddenly come to realization that Sabah and Sarawak are actually the gems in all the states?

For the next 3 years we could see initiatives to push these two states to even surpass some peninsular states. Do not be surprised. Again do not rule out that part of the billions are going to certain pockets in one way or another. Fine, it should be allocated with more transparency than a piece of glass. But is the system currently capable of that? Nice way to keep the people happy huh Najib? But it will all be back to square one sooner than you would like us to believe.

06 March, 2009

Light of Proton. Perhaps it is shining at the end of the tunnel.

As most European car manufacturer are downsizing or even stopping operations, it is mighty impressive that Proton is managing that world economic drought. From the recent Geneva motor show most companies feature only concepts and production models that have long been in development. Now after a new uprated version of the NEO we will see Proton entering the MPV market. Exora a name of a flower which grows in abundance in this country in either yellow or red.

Now... why is the perceived credibility of Proton is not really pretty in the eyes of Malaysians. Well, first off.... it is a well known fact that Proton started out as manufacturing under license Mitsubishi outdated vehicles. But at that time it was not that outdated since the Japanese sees 5 years more like 10 and the rest of the world doesn't.

Perhaps for a bit too long Proton used Mitsubishi. Therefor the get Proton cars bang up to date would was hard and I bet there were some details in their agreement which states limitations. Anyway.... fast forward with bad quality control and slow customer service and some cases of faulty parts that required Proton to recall some models of a particular year.

That hit them bad and in the eyes of Malaysians they have been cheated. Even when the government bolsters Proton with subsidies to level the rest of the playing field with them. Could Proton now seriously stand on it's own? It has Lotus but sold MV Agusta for nickles. That is what I think their mistake went~ for the reason that Motorbikes is not beneficial enough for Proton.

Now tell me which part is that? If only the current CPS was co-developed with MV Augusta's experience in performance bikes perhaps the Campro could be even better still. Just like Honda which developed Vtec engines for their sport bikes first. Plus we have a prestigious marque under Malaysian wings.

What is the outlook for Proton in the coming years? Well they have a lot to do....but they have to do it quickly and catch the market back on the up-stroke when the world economy recovers. They might not sell that much starting this year.... but with a full fleet of models which can survive for another 3 years at least (except the Perdana) they should have enough time to cook up something new for the post depression market.

Proton just have to be careful. As the partners they choose in this pre-depression period may very well leak their resources and bleed it to death. My best advise is to continue doing their own R&D and even offer other companies to manufacture there mass consumer vehicles and retail them in markets that Proton are not a player of. Oh and please hope that they pay attention towards the local passenger vehicle tuners. SUch as R3, HotBits, Powerzone and the rest as they might have a better input and experience in the current line-up of proton.

03 March, 2009

Perak's Jungle Book

This has become from a sane political issue to something as totally factitious a Hollywood movie can offer. Dirty tactic of UMNO yes.... and they know the law is somewhat on their side of things. So alright... one thing led to another and these Pakatan lawyers had a midnight study group and found a tiny loophole which they can swing it by. After a few calls and emails perhaps...BOOM! We had a nice teh tarik session of Perak's legislatives under a tree. I admire their effort to dress up for the occasion though.

All in a day's work they say. Or to be more precise all in day's politics. But really why bother picking this on when the higher ups have licked BN accordingly. I mean even when this battle is out in the courtroom I bet you the judge would be in a precarious situation. Power hungry mad people are more dangerous than murderers and lunatics.

Money politics clouds UMNO judgement day.

24th March is to be D-Day for UMNO. There will be known of the new and not so new leaders of various posts that is up for contest. The one largest political party in the country will have to tilt and stand on it's toes to see if it survives the next 50 years (I wont go that far out, the first 3 should be enough).

SPRM are still doing their investigations on the various casses reported to them on UMNO's tried tradition of bending members with money. Two of their battle hardenned members thinks that the grand conference should be postponed until this case is solved. Is it right to do so? I think it is. Would their requests and point of view be put into consideration? I dont know.

If the scenerio was a little bit different. If it was another political party or even an opposition party this event will be surely stopped or at least efforts to not let it go on smoothly will be put into place. But we are talking about the bullet proof UMNO here. These are the worriors...the hooligans...the pirates....the heroes of Malaysia!

Their "Celaka-ness" is a well oiled engineered thing. I mean the ill-hearted ones lah. There are good beans but not many enough to grow a good crop yield. So there is the suggestion that a court injunction to be made to not allow for such an event to take place until all investigations are concluded. Would it work? Could the truth prevail? It has never all these years. Good luck UMNO....or shall I put it as good riddence.