13 March, 2009

60 Billion to float a nation.

Najib presented a stimulating figure. Either good or bad is down to individual interpretation. But what I happen to notice is Sarawak and Sabah are getting a lot from it. I know my kind readers are jumping to say "Owh, he is going to say that it's political marketing". So I don't need to say much really.

But is this really money worth investing in? Especially at such a time when even RM60 sounds a lot to many. Well, here are two states that are very much neglected in terms of developments on all fronts. These two states too has the most abundant amount of natural resource. Could the BN government suddenly come to realization that Sabah and Sarawak are actually the gems in all the states?

For the next 3 years we could see initiatives to push these two states to even surpass some peninsular states. Do not be surprised. Again do not rule out that part of the billions are going to certain pockets in one way or another. Fine, it should be allocated with more transparency than a piece of glass. But is the system currently capable of that? Nice way to keep the people happy huh Najib? But it will all be back to square one sooner than you would like us to believe.

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