19 March, 2009

Abstain Najib from becoming PM

Is this the right plight of the opposition? But apart from Najib do we have anyone else with enough experience to manage a cabinet and country? The predicament is a grim one if I may so so myself. Not at all a fan of Najib and worse still I can't think of anyone else that could possibly take his place as PM.

To request the Agong to deny Najib his place may or may not be national suicide. Just look at what we have besides Najib. On top of that just look at what we have as opposition leaders? One does not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that we are already screwed from day one.

What seems to be the problem is that our talent pool is not so vast. The system of politics that we practice is not self sustaining from one generation to the next. Now we have come to the end of such a generation and what is left in it's wake is half past loons that do not command the much needed respect required to instill confidence.

In a way I am happy too.... because from all this drama (if ever someone notices), the young can learn not to be such buffoons like the current crop of so called leaders. I dare to say this.... let Malaysia crumble to the ground and build itself up from ground zero again. That is the only way for all of us to understand how much it means to be sovereign.

Malaysia does not forget.... but we seem to be complacent and lazy to push for better minds and characters. So should the Agong think twice in making Najib the next PM? Nope....pretty much he is not left with much choice.

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