18 March, 2009

Ali oh Ali... KJ kembali mengejar bintang

Hah.... see now how old habiits die hard? With a small announcement by the UMNO Discipline council Ali Rustam is out of contention. KJ on the other hand he actually got away with it. Just a simple warning and he can still contest. The outcome of the investigations to me is also a marketing ploy. Ali Rustam may or may not be involved in money politics at all, but it goes to show since he is not making too much fuss about it in public perhaps he was indeed involved in some light handed gestures.

All eyes is just watcghin to see if UMNO keeps it's word in weeding out money politics. So also as not to loose trust amongst it's members as well as to keep the opposition from drooling with anticipation that they F*&$K up they pulled out 2 names which are contesting in the party elections. While the other mentioned are mere minions to add to the flavour text.

What happens next? Will KJ's position in the race be effected? I doubt it effects anything since money politics is UMNO's little estranged whore. It should not be called money politics as not all the time money is the form of exchange. Whatever it is you may call it there is no way it can be cleaned. Have faith in UMNO! Greed Politics will live on forever!

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Stupe said...

what is shocking is the analogy one of the diciplinary committee said in the 12am news in tv3 yesterday comparing someone that stab a person ONCE and someone that stab a person 20 times.

He was refering to the severity of the punishment of 1 year and 7 years respectively.

i guess he forgot that either way, stabbing/murder be it once or 200 times is stabbing/murder nevertheless.

sad day indeed.

and khir is back!