15 March, 2009

Buying a Space monkey suit.

At such a time when finding a job is so hard some local company (government backed of course) decides to spend a whole year worth of an executive's pay to purchase a space suit. For what? Just to display that we indeed have a space tourist since we don't really have seen a receipt for the flight.

No offense to the astro-tourist but I think his achievement is not acknowledged in a humble way. Too much hooo-haaa and more fluff than matter. What Mara should do is offer him a job to further research. And pay him for the work he has done and not tell bedtime stories. Proper research.... what our country can benefit from taking part in a space programme? What technology that can be implemented in day to day use and build a knowledge base for aspiring astronauts, astro-tourist and astro-monkeys.

But above all why the hell does MARA see the use to purchase the stupid suit? It is not the suit that is important it was the brain that the suit was carrying. Utter idiots I must say.


Purple Haze said...

I don't know what the so-called astronaut is doing nowadays but isn't he supposed to be a medical doctor by training and profession ?

What is also wasteful is that after obtaining MARA/govt scholarship (I am assuming & stand to be corrected) to complete his studies, the tax payer is now saddled with a qualified doctor who is not practising.

The Rakyat could do with more doctors if he is currently lepak.

Stupe said...

qualified doctor that runs a restaurant and goes around giving motivational talk.

And he should still be in the payroll by the government.

now, isn't operating a restaurant considered moonlighting and frown upon by the civil service?

but as usual la, some ppl get exemption - just not you and me.