20 March, 2009

Good move Felda youths.

It is a relief and with much respect to know that Felda youth are taking a more pro-active role in striking back the negative perception of society towards them. The report from NST stating that Felda youth are to launch their own blog impresses me and strikes me as a positive way forward to stamp clear that not all Felda youths are wasted. As a popular Malay saying goes "Kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga", which has been the predicament that innocent Felda youths have to face once stepping into urban society.

Not only ass a point of clarifying and to dispel the lies told about them but at the same time I think it should inspire youths in general to set a healthy competitive standard. It would only serve to benefit all youths in general and perhaps bring an even brighter future to Malaysian youths.

Maybe these Felda youths can teach us all a thing or two about how their settlement works to cultivate the land that was given to their families by the government. If any of them are keen to take it one step further than perhaps even a study paper can be published in their findings. I am actually curious as to how exactly they lead their lives and bring sustainable economy towards their community. Bravo Felda! Viva la Youth!

But monitoring the blog? Won't that pose as a bottle neck in the intellectual minds of Felda Youth?

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