26 March, 2009

Khairy now takes the pot of gold.

As much as I hate to admit the facts.... but this most famous son in law got what he wanted. Slim margin or not he achieved it. Now old Papa in law goes out watching the sunset he is dragging in his furniture to move in and set his own sunrise. Spectacular? I would no want to know.

Now he just got away with a warning on money politics. Well, that what happens at the junior level.... if it were the senior seat he would most probably be stepped on like a cockroach. What will happen to UMNO Youth? I say a lot of things.

For one thing we could possibly see more monkey antiques and perhaps even some cross dressing campaigning for the next general elections. The opposition might even hold another "emergency" under the tree meeting to solve this problem called Khairy.

Should Khir be disappointed with the loss? Should Mukhriz just run and hide to lick his battle wounds? No, in fact it will be much harder for Khairy to control these fellas because being too junior to them. Is is a bleak future from now onwards? Yes and no. Yes it is bleak because Khairy may just continue his money laundering scams and no one would be able to nail him. This slick favourite son in law just received the pot of gold in a golden chariot.

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