03 March, 2009

Money politics clouds UMNO judgement day.

24th March is to be D-Day for UMNO. There will be known of the new and not so new leaders of various posts that is up for contest. The one largest political party in the country will have to tilt and stand on it's toes to see if it survives the next 50 years (I wont go that far out, the first 3 should be enough).

SPRM are still doing their investigations on the various casses reported to them on UMNO's tried tradition of bending members with money. Two of their battle hardenned members thinks that the grand conference should be postponed until this case is solved. Is it right to do so? I think it is. Would their requests and point of view be put into consideration? I dont know.

If the scenerio was a little bit different. If it was another political party or even an opposition party this event will be surely stopped or at least efforts to not let it go on smoothly will be put into place. But we are talking about the bullet proof UMNO here. These are the worriors...the hooligans...the pirates....the heroes of Malaysia!

Their "Celaka-ness" is a well oiled engineered thing. I mean the ill-hearted ones lah. There are good beans but not many enough to grow a good crop yield. So there is the suggestion that a court injunction to be made to not allow for such an event to take place until all investigations are concluded. Would it work? Could the truth prevail? It has never all these years. Good luck UMNO....or shall I put it as good riddence. 

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