03 March, 2009

Perak's Jungle Book

This has become from a sane political issue to something as totally factitious a Hollywood movie can offer. Dirty tactic of UMNO yes.... and they know the law is somewhat on their side of things. So alright... one thing led to another and these Pakatan lawyers had a midnight study group and found a tiny loophole which they can swing it by. After a few calls and emails perhaps...BOOM! We had a nice teh tarik session of Perak's legislatives under a tree. I admire their effort to dress up for the occasion though.

All in a day's work they say. Or to be more precise all in day's politics. But really why bother picking this on when the higher ups have licked BN accordingly. I mean even when this battle is out in the courtroom I bet you the judge would be in a precarious situation. Power hungry mad people are more dangerous than murderers and lunatics.

1 comment:

Stupe said...

Perak turning to Berak soon.

Rakyat suffering.