19 March, 2009

Project Petaling Street is sold! What might the new owner do to it?

The rumor mill was correct this time. PPS was sold... but to who? At least it is sold to a Malaysian and a blogger at that. But what kind of blogger? My sources points out that he is very notorious in the blogsphere and already earns a neat sum per month of his current blogs. Yes I said "HE". I need to do my own digging to find out exactly who because I wouldn't want to publish something wrong and get the ball rolling the other way.

But it is for sure PPS will have a new look. It has to and be monetized, hence the guy who bought it did so. From what I heard the price is way lower than what we could expect....well below the RM5k mark. Hmmm....a desperate sale perhaps?


kraken said...

as usual...buy cheap...later sell high..or any other means of making profits

Vigo said...

What Project Petaling Street are you talking about?

I was privately financing UH Services (KL) Sdn Bhd (Fatuah Group) on the project in 2002.

I could not recover my cost and have lost half a million RM. The reason given to me was sharp increase of steel & cement and too many OT payout to rush completion before TDM step down in Sept 03.

I was promised my return on the next phase from Kota Raya to Lebuh Pasar, 5 plus 5 yrs maintenance contract and advertisement right in Petaling Street. But was informed 1 year later that DBKL decide not to proceed.

Would appreciate you share some info and might consider suing the daylight out of them.

Rauff said...

Project Petaling Street is the primier ping site for Malaysian Blogsphere. Not Petaling Street as the commercial area as we know it.

Vigo said...

Sorry! and Thanks Rauff