27 March, 2009

UMNO's emotional pubecent youths.

Withstanding the fact that UMNO is rife with money politics and as the saying goes "Bapak borek, Anak rintik" UMNO youths again showed of how shallow and ill mannered they were in public. Words like Mati, Bunuh, Mampus and a few other malay profanities were thrown when they found that their choice did not be the new UMNO youth leader.

Actually, I think it serves UMNO youth's right for they deserve to have such an outstanding character such as KJ. He is a good example of what UMNO youths are. Full of hanky panky and likes to play money to his tune. Come to think of it. it translates directly to what UMNO really is today. This "I will help the rakyat if and only if I get something out of it too" party is indeed reaching for new heights. The higher it goes the harder they will fall.

For the rest of us, it should not be a reason to emulate such rowdiness. UMNO youths are a good example of what the rest of us should not be. So as you see there is good to these numb nuts afterall.

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