31 March, 2009

What light shines after Pak Lah exits?

Malaysian Politics turning point has hit it's curve. Many are hoping that it is on an upswing. Wave after wave of controversy hit both sides of the fence and by the looks of it BN is the one that is fairing better. PKR is perhaps on a mood swing with more and more confusing attitudes thrown towards it's de facto leader. Perhaps that is why Anwar is so silent these days?

No matter, now what is evident is that Najib is wedged in the bench to take over from the frail judgement of Pak Lah. Are we going to see an end to flip flop politics and governance? Najib, should be aware that the people are not really keen on anything that the government would want to suggest during his early term at the helm. Failing to make changes where it matters most seems to be a trait that BN is so dialed into since Tun M retired.

Starting first off is the RM60 billion stimulus for the economy. Which I think would not be a contributing factor for the next general elections. We malaysians have a short memory span so most likely we sill forget about that. Next would be of course the super duper hi-tech Iskandariah thing down South. Again that wont be much of a shout since we have yet to see the fruit of Putrajaya and Cyberjaya.

What would serve Najib and his platoon of ministers is a comprehensive plan that would lift Malaysia's brain power and economic resilience towards the US and Japan. So far we are holding ground. So far we are not hit that bad....yet. So what other stimulating steps does Najib have up his mighty sleeves?

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