15 March, 2009

Why not just built a damn statue!

After reading this in NST Online I was just practically rolling all over my desk laughing. I mean what on earth were they thinking? Placing a plaque to commemorate a state council's first ever tarzan / Jungle Book gathering?

Just when it was placed, almost immediately it was smeared with tar and vandalized. Which was very much proper considering it holds no historic value anyway. Why not just build a whole monument? Something like the Tugu Negara.... depicting the whole assembly including the speaker fully attired? Now that would be very impressive!

Some numb nuts idea and a moron's understanding of such an event. What happened after that "pohon rendang" assembly? Did PKR get the state back? No right? I pitty that tree really.... all those years of quiet unharnessed life now certainly has come to an end. Now if that tree gets the chop...certainly a memorial for it should be much more apt than the assembly.

1 comment:

Gallivanter said...

Tree of Democracy. Kesian la that pokok. Victim of politics like the rest of us.