29 April, 2009

PKR see red over "Pondok Panas"

SPR of course should have enforced this a long time ago. Why would there be another tent just outside the polling station for voters to check their records when SPR already provide such a facility just outside the polling stations?

I have observed many times that during by elections of by elections these so called "Pondok Panas" becomes the hub of taunts and abusive yelling between opposing camps. Which in my humble opinion is creating public disturbance.

PKR should actually be relieved that such action actually helps them to deploy lesser people at each polling station. Which means also less money spent on hand-outs to their people that don't really serve a purpose.

It's good for SPR to enforce this in the next General Elections too. At least there wont be a sight of sore eyes of appalling taste for road ornaments.

26 April, 2009

Malaysians gullible for phone scam.

Why is it so easy to dupe Malaysians into all sorts of scams? Be it online, sms, phone, emails and even direct selling and other get rich quick schemes... we have probably seen it all and suffer from it too. What are the reasons that something so confidential can be easily given out to strangers?

I could only sum this up to only one thing.... desperation. Yes admit it that Malaysians are a desperate bunch. We are not poor or eating out off trash cans but perhaps we are starving from living the life that all of us are dreaming of. So desperate people like us Malaysians easily fall pray to scams at every corner of the street.

When the economy is not strong and people are loosing jobs, it creates a chasm in society. Those smart people who used to be employed gets their wits squeezed out of their behinds in search for the elusive buck. I don't blame them, society is cruel in providing tonnes of reasons for jealousy and envy for the minor lucky ones amongst us who can still afford to maintain their standard of living.

The authorities can educate us all for as much as possible but once greed and social starvation kicks in the simplest of scams can take out even the best of us. This is a stroke of a weakening economy. Here is the dipstick of society to show how actually we hold to our principles. We do not hold on to them tight enough hence we read of scams and more scams in the news.

Poverty brings in trying times, weakening economy is a test of surviving nature. We should be strong and rise up to it..... instead of forgetting we have brains before we give in those banking details. But I guess people would do anything to fill their empty stomach.

09 April, 2009

NST reporting nonsense!

Journalism in NST might have just taken a few hundred steps back. Because somewhere in their online news I came across and article "Excuse me, a call from PM". When I read what it was all about I was really insulted.

How could NST release such an empty piece of news? So what if even a bagger receives a call from Obama himself? What kind of useful information is that? NST should stop this random news~ if it wants too, sign up for twitter. Bodoh!

Azilah and Sirul goes the green mile.

There you have it. The trial of the year has ended with an undramatic finish. Najib gets to be PM.... and 2 police officers will face the gallows for being instructed to kill a Mongolian chick. Honestly why would these 2 idiots want to kill a mongolian chick unless someone told them to do so?

But we are instructed not to relate the case with the 6th PM of this friggin country and his political aide gets away scott free. So these 2 police numb nuts has to face the music all by themselves. Which is not fair... it is simply a conspiracy to the bone.

Please observe these 2 policemen families for the years they need to wait for the gallows. Could someone check if there were any spikes in revenue or irregular financial activity? I am very sceptical and will not belive that these two men would kill unless being told to in the first place and rewarded handsomely.

It is really unfair for only those who pull the trigger to be hung. But the brains to the idea should pretty much suffer the same fate. But that is what the legal system is in this country and and any further enquiry will not be pursued. So Razak Baginda lives..... Najib is PM and police will be the balaci of the governemnt and the courts will be the circus ring of politicians. While we the rakyat can only give cockstares~

Who made such a story? Tun M cut a deal with Najib?

Exactly what are these stories all about? It comes to me as complete bullshit. Why would Tun M want to cut a deal with Najib so his son Mukhriz can be a minister in the new cabinet? What is the bloody logic in that? No. I am not pissed but annoyed that such a rumour started just because Tun M just rejoined UMNO and Najib becomes PM.

Such stupid Malaysians do exist and from these very same kind of people the stories are really preposterous. It is an inconvenience and a waste of media space to have such a report written. If I knew better it would be better to concentrate on digging which policies that Najib wants to overhaul and be mission critical on that.

Who cares a hoot if Tun M cuts a deal. A minister post is not a glamorous job. It's not that a minister will be on the cover of every fashion and lifestyle magazine. They wont attend posh and luxurious launch of some new fashion line. They are not to pick up the next short skirted news presenter and boink their nuts off. Get it? They have a responsibility and so do we. So stop the stupid spread of rumour that serves no use for the rakyat.

06 April, 2009

Hindraf sacrifice their reason for their 5 leaders?

Clearly now we know what is Hindraf and how easy it is to bend their principles. 2 of their detained leaders were released from ISA. With that apparently if the rest of the Hindraf leaders are released than Malaysian Indians will support the government. Is this a sudden change of heart or a tumbling fall of principles.

Is it actually that simple a mind play by both sides? The reason why these men were dragged to the ISA was because they were idiots to begin with. Putting Hindraf supporters in so much danger and in the same time effecting those who are not part of it.

What sort of movement that suggests to abandon it's cause and support a racist government (that is what they claim the BN government to be)? Apparently it is the Hindraf sort.

Full story here

04 April, 2009

13 birds fly free as Najib becomes PM.

In another move to boost his popularity instantly, 13 detainees were released from Kamunting detention camp that is home to ISA prisoners. This includes Hindraf leaders, V. Ganabatirau and R. Kengadhedharan. With that there should be at least another 50 detainees left in that camp.

It was said that ISA will be revised and to many it gives a bit of false hope. No one mentioned that it will be revised for the better or worse...thus it is only a matter of interpretation. Certainly Najib is using all the cards he has to regain the rakyat's trust in BN and UMNO as well as himself.

But why these 13 detainees from ISA only? Why not those held in regular prisons as well? Especially those who have waited for years on death row. But heck forget them.... many businesses are waiting if Najib will do anything to revive a mediocre performance. After the RM60 billion I doubt he could give anything else.

Najib has indeed started with the right foot but is it the correct foot? Hmmmm....perhaps we should see once he reach 100 days in office. Right now I think it is still too early to tell.

03 April, 2009

Najib: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

The 6th prime minister has been sworn in. Everywhere is practically with mixed feelings. What is there to expect from him? Would he be an ultra Malay just like his father? Would he pool everything into his already deep pockets? Could his wife be the next National fashion icon? Owh, anything can happen.

The string of events that litter prior to Najib's rise tends to suggest an iron fist approach. Perak's fiasco.... Razak gone free.... procurement plan of some helicopters and perhaps a few more could prove that many things happen while Najib was waxing his shoes to take oath.

From the title of this post it is only fitting that it was exactly what Najib was doing all this while. Waiting, chilling, waiting, planning....just for this very moment to pounce and be king of the Malayan jungle. His first feel good gift is the 60 billion for so called saving the economy. What would it be next? He has a good 3 years to plan for the next General Elections and with that the 60 billion should pacify the rakyat right?

I wish it was that simple. Najib will face challenges that none except TPL (that is Tun Pak Lah for you) faced. Yes vicious critical bloggers like myself along side with the many keen coffee shop political analyst who are now mobile warriors will find this very interesting indeed. Of course it would be our duty to shoot down policies that does not favour the rakyat but the capitalist cronies instead.

Najib can take any Kung-Fu stance. We will gladly take ours.... lock stock and definitely more than 2 smoking barrels.

Ex MB denial Disneyland.

After yesterday's story that Khir made "study excursions" to Disneyland and Indonesia using state funds to ferry his merry family almost immediately he denied everything on his blog. This blogging medium seems to be very convenient for the tooth man. But why allow others to continue these allegations and not just reveal the proof that those trips were not entirely paid by PSMB? Instead he dares those who made such allegations to make a report to the relevant authorities.

Khir is certainly making a Disney out of this perhaps to just amuse himself or some ulterior motive that we have yet to see. However, how come that with these allegations that the current Selangor MB has not dug and investigate those who followed Khir on those trips? Odd or simply stupid I don't know but it does not take a rocket scientist to figure that one one.

The fact that Khir justifies the trip to Disneyland was to study for a similar development in Bagan Lalang is simply absurd. Has anyone actually been to Bagan Lalang? Let me tell you this.... with such a scale of an idea to make a theme park who would want to see a place by the beach that is a copy of Disney? Besides there are housing areas all around the beach and most of it is new. Also he place is not really prime for a theme park unless you want to make "rempits" happy. They took tour guides to teach them about Disney? Confirm they have tooth fillings for brains.

The trip to Indonesia is said to be a study trip on river management. Hahaha! Why Indonesia for river management? Why not the UK on how they manage River Themes? Why a group of more than 3 people to grasp river management? You do not need a team of idiot state councilors to study river management. You need ecologists and engineers. Figure it out Khir....the state was under your responsibility thus whatever happens and every sen that was spent is your responsibility. Even if the policies at the time was such but with a brain you should know better. If we knew of such a mess you did we could easily paid Mickey and his gang to run the state.

02 April, 2009

BALKIS: The high maintenance princess.

But the expenses was not at all for any princess. Drilling through the deep files someone seem to have dug out more and more saucy receipts. Disneyland a state visit? Errr....since when Disneyland is a country all by it self? Perhaps this was a terrible mistake. But hundreds of thousands were spent thus I bet that the world renowned theme park could not have been a slip-up.

Now, the issue is the dissolution of Balkis and how the money it it's coffers was conveniently withdrawn to another state owned company. I could have worked all the way but BN lost Selangor in a freak show of an election. What was in the dentist's head? Tooth fillings?

Looks like Khir will never rise the ranks again, if he does he wont have it really easy. That is done deal... and PKR is systematically dissecting every single sen that Khir's board spent. It looks really clear that money politics were in fact very green when Khir was on that side of the hill. I say investigate... and bring all the dirty bastard politicians down. Not only from BN's camp but PKR as well. All of them should be shot for mutiny.

Goodbye Pak Lah. Thanks but no thanks

There...he has tendered his resignation to the big 'ol boss the Agong. Out goes another PM and now comes another. Oh boy.... I am so excited. I am really excited. Could you find my sarcastic tone? Cashing out all he could now he takes a bow while the party he signs his life with is still in control.... well only just.

When one leaves it should be all praise right? Well, there are praises but it's just too insignificant to mention compared to all the things against him. Perhaps it's his tagline... "Work with me" that got the best of him. I bet there were those who made Pak Lah their idiot and took advantage of his demeanor to cash in to some spare change (apparently we have a lot of spare change).

Surely Pak Lah was not really aware of what Tun M left him with. Thus the old man was caught off guard and his rankings dropped just after a year becoming PM. Najib now is the one grinning. But honestly could the Razak blood be enough in him to sustain and build? Already many do not trust him. Even if they do perhaps it is something for the side pockets and piggy banks.

Anyhow... at least Pak Lah got himself a new wife. Now that must be the one best decision he has made for all the time he was in office. Goodbye Pak Lah....and good riddance.