04 April, 2009

13 birds fly free as Najib becomes PM.

In another move to boost his popularity instantly, 13 detainees were released from Kamunting detention camp that is home to ISA prisoners. This includes Hindraf leaders, V. Ganabatirau and R. Kengadhedharan. With that there should be at least another 50 detainees left in that camp.

It was said that ISA will be revised and to many it gives a bit of false hope. No one mentioned that it will be revised for the better or worse...thus it is only a matter of interpretation. Certainly Najib is using all the cards he has to regain the rakyat's trust in BN and UMNO as well as himself.

But why these 13 detainees from ISA only? Why not those held in regular prisons as well? Especially those who have waited for years on death row. But heck forget them.... many businesses are waiting if Najib will do anything to revive a mediocre performance. After the RM60 billion I doubt he could give anything else.

Najib has indeed started with the right foot but is it the correct foot? Hmmmm....perhaps we should see once he reach 100 days in office. Right now I think it is still too early to tell.

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