02 April, 2009

BALKIS: The high maintenance princess.

But the expenses was not at all for any princess. Drilling through the deep files someone seem to have dug out more and more saucy receipts. Disneyland a state visit? Errr....since when Disneyland is a country all by it self? Perhaps this was a terrible mistake. But hundreds of thousands were spent thus I bet that the world renowned theme park could not have been a slip-up.

Now, the issue is the dissolution of Balkis and how the money it it's coffers was conveniently withdrawn to another state owned company. I could have worked all the way but BN lost Selangor in a freak show of an election. What was in the dentist's head? Tooth fillings?

Looks like Khir will never rise the ranks again, if he does he wont have it really easy. That is done deal... and PKR is systematically dissecting every single sen that Khir's board spent. It looks really clear that money politics were in fact very green when Khir was on that side of the hill. I say investigate... and bring all the dirty bastard politicians down. Not only from BN's camp but PKR as well. All of them should be shot for mutiny.

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