03 April, 2009

Ex MB denial Disneyland.

After yesterday's story that Khir made "study excursions" to Disneyland and Indonesia using state funds to ferry his merry family almost immediately he denied everything on his blog. This blogging medium seems to be very convenient for the tooth man. But why allow others to continue these allegations and not just reveal the proof that those trips were not entirely paid by PSMB? Instead he dares those who made such allegations to make a report to the relevant authorities.

Khir is certainly making a Disney out of this perhaps to just amuse himself or some ulterior motive that we have yet to see. However, how come that with these allegations that the current Selangor MB has not dug and investigate those who followed Khir on those trips? Odd or simply stupid I don't know but it does not take a rocket scientist to figure that one one.

The fact that Khir justifies the trip to Disneyland was to study for a similar development in Bagan Lalang is simply absurd. Has anyone actually been to Bagan Lalang? Let me tell you this.... with such a scale of an idea to make a theme park who would want to see a place by the beach that is a copy of Disney? Besides there are housing areas all around the beach and most of it is new. Also he place is not really prime for a theme park unless you want to make "rempits" happy. They took tour guides to teach them about Disney? Confirm they have tooth fillings for brains.

The trip to Indonesia is said to be a study trip on river management. Hahaha! Why Indonesia for river management? Why not the UK on how they manage River Themes? Why a group of more than 3 people to grasp river management? You do not need a team of idiot state councilors to study river management. You need ecologists and engineers. Figure it out Khir....the state was under your responsibility thus whatever happens and every sen that was spent is your responsibility. Even if the policies at the time was such but with a brain you should know better. If we knew of such a mess you did we could easily paid Mickey and his gang to run the state.

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