02 April, 2009

Goodbye Pak Lah. Thanks but no thanks

There...he has tendered his resignation to the big 'ol boss the Agong. Out goes another PM and now comes another. Oh boy.... I am so excited. I am really excited. Could you find my sarcastic tone? Cashing out all he could now he takes a bow while the party he signs his life with is still in control.... well only just.

When one leaves it should be all praise right? Well, there are praises but it's just too insignificant to mention compared to all the things against him. Perhaps it's his tagline... "Work with me" that got the best of him. I bet there were those who made Pak Lah their idiot and took advantage of his demeanor to cash in to some spare change (apparently we have a lot of spare change).

Surely Pak Lah was not really aware of what Tun M left him with. Thus the old man was caught off guard and his rankings dropped just after a year becoming PM. Najib now is the one grinning. But honestly could the Razak blood be enough in him to sustain and build? Already many do not trust him. Even if they do perhaps it is something for the side pockets and piggy banks.

Anyhow... at least Pak Lah got himself a new wife. Now that must be the one best decision he has made for all the time he was in office. Goodbye Pak Lah....and good riddance.

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Gallivanter said...

Unfortunately he is now conferred as Tun, further diluting the title.