26 April, 2009

Malaysians gullible for phone scam.

Why is it so easy to dupe Malaysians into all sorts of scams? Be it online, sms, phone, emails and even direct selling and other get rich quick schemes... we have probably seen it all and suffer from it too. What are the reasons that something so confidential can be easily given out to strangers?

I could only sum this up to only one thing.... desperation. Yes admit it that Malaysians are a desperate bunch. We are not poor or eating out off trash cans but perhaps we are starving from living the life that all of us are dreaming of. So desperate people like us Malaysians easily fall pray to scams at every corner of the street.

When the economy is not strong and people are loosing jobs, it creates a chasm in society. Those smart people who used to be employed gets their wits squeezed out of their behinds in search for the elusive buck. I don't blame them, society is cruel in providing tonnes of reasons for jealousy and envy for the minor lucky ones amongst us who can still afford to maintain their standard of living.

The authorities can educate us all for as much as possible but once greed and social starvation kicks in the simplest of scams can take out even the best of us. This is a stroke of a weakening economy. Here is the dipstick of society to show how actually we hold to our principles. We do not hold on to them tight enough hence we read of scams and more scams in the news.

Poverty brings in trying times, weakening economy is a test of surviving nature. We should be strong and rise up to it..... instead of forgetting we have brains before we give in those banking details. But I guess people would do anything to fill their empty stomach.

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