03 April, 2009

Najib: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

The 6th prime minister has been sworn in. Everywhere is practically with mixed feelings. What is there to expect from him? Would he be an ultra Malay just like his father? Would he pool everything into his already deep pockets? Could his wife be the next National fashion icon? Owh, anything can happen.

The string of events that litter prior to Najib's rise tends to suggest an iron fist approach. Perak's fiasco.... Razak gone free.... procurement plan of some helicopters and perhaps a few more could prove that many things happen while Najib was waxing his shoes to take oath.

From the title of this post it is only fitting that it was exactly what Najib was doing all this while. Waiting, chilling, waiting, planning....just for this very moment to pounce and be king of the Malayan jungle. His first feel good gift is the 60 billion for so called saving the economy. What would it be next? He has a good 3 years to plan for the next General Elections and with that the 60 billion should pacify the rakyat right?

I wish it was that simple. Najib will face challenges that none except TPL (that is Tun Pak Lah for you) faced. Yes vicious critical bloggers like myself along side with the many keen coffee shop political analyst who are now mobile warriors will find this very interesting indeed. Of course it would be our duty to shoot down policies that does not favour the rakyat but the capitalist cronies instead.

Najib can take any Kung-Fu stance. We will gladly take ours.... lock stock and definitely more than 2 smoking barrels.

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