29 April, 2009

PKR see red over "Pondok Panas"

SPR of course should have enforced this a long time ago. Why would there be another tent just outside the polling station for voters to check their records when SPR already provide such a facility just outside the polling stations?

I have observed many times that during by elections of by elections these so called "Pondok Panas" becomes the hub of taunts and abusive yelling between opposing camps. Which in my humble opinion is creating public disturbance.

PKR should actually be relieved that such action actually helps them to deploy lesser people at each polling station. Which means also less money spent on hand-outs to their people that don't really serve a purpose.

It's good for SPR to enforce this in the next General Elections too. At least there wont be a sight of sore eyes of appalling taste for road ornaments.


Tekkaus said...

Yes, as you said the SPR should have get rid of those Pondok Panas! =) they are after all...distutbance!

Chauncey Gardener said...

In fact, SPR should enforce all the rules and regulations without fear or favour consistently.

One thing that they can do now, since they have 4 yrs to the next GE, is to clean up the electoral rolls to get rid of the phantom/phony voters.

I remember one prominent blogger who had never registered before to vote but found that he was a voter somewhere in Perak. Todate, I have not heard if his case has been cleared.

Thus, Pondok Panas is an ad hoc issue when elections swing around while the integrity of the electoral rolls is a chronic one that needs to be addressed NOW.