09 April, 2009

Who made such a story? Tun M cut a deal with Najib?

Exactly what are these stories all about? It comes to me as complete bullshit. Why would Tun M want to cut a deal with Najib so his son Mukhriz can be a minister in the new cabinet? What is the bloody logic in that? No. I am not pissed but annoyed that such a rumour started just because Tun M just rejoined UMNO and Najib becomes PM.

Such stupid Malaysians do exist and from these very same kind of people the stories are really preposterous. It is an inconvenience and a waste of media space to have such a report written. If I knew better it would be better to concentrate on digging which policies that Najib wants to overhaul and be mission critical on that.

Who cares a hoot if Tun M cuts a deal. A minister post is not a glamorous job. It's not that a minister will be on the cover of every fashion and lifestyle magazine. They wont attend posh and luxurious launch of some new fashion line. They are not to pick up the next short skirted news presenter and boink their nuts off. Get it? They have a responsibility and so do we. So stop the stupid spread of rumour that serves no use for the rakyat.

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simply speaking said...

Why be mad about the news Dude