30 May, 2009

What a week! PKFZ, Jaya tumbles down and Chin Peng denied home.

Wow....what a week it has been. PKFZ report finally sees daylight. We had a collapse of an old mall luckily only six were trapped underneath knowing PJ SS14 is a very busy place. Actually what interest me troughout the week was about Chin Peng.

I remember reading it in those KBSM history text books from school and Chin Peng was one of the most prolific names that stuck in my head apart from Parameswara and a few others. But what I could say is that some facts about PKM was indeed disturbing. I just could understand if he was to be admired but the fact that he should be recognized as a national hero is ubsurd. Using the wrong means for a noble cause doesn't make it right. So the decision not to allow Chin Peng to return is a good one. He is in Bangkok~ now that is a fun place to live.

The good old ex-Cold Storage mall came tumbling down while demolition works was in the process. So nature took a bit of the hardwork along with some labourers with it. The fact is that with the fast state of development in the area this old building could not stand the structural stresses anymore. So it did itself a favour....by crashing down. Funny how this the media did not blow the story out of proportion. Perhaps because it was just an old vacated building.

Fianlly PKFZ. The report is out and is available for down load by the public for two weeks. That should be sufficient~ However this issue is claimed to be a very critical one as it involved the tax payer's money. Honestly ah....there are many more things to consider about the people's money not just a dumb free trade zone. Anyhow money is always money and forever will be money as long as the economy holds it's own ass up.

I can't make my own conclusion on this or publish my thoughts as I have accessed the said website to read the full report and the clause is as such if I do violate then action can be taken. But really let the authorities handle this.... no matter what we do or say about this wont make the government to write a cheque to refund your taxes.

25 May, 2009

For the Kongkek Kuat.

I read with most interest the news today. Not for the resolve of the Perak issue nor about the fact there are 200+ cases reported on suspected H1N1. It is the new on a business that is simply flourishing a combined revenue of billions of ringgit. Yes it is the pay for sex service industry I am talking about.

Now for one thing prostitution is illegal in this country. That is why many brothels are covered up as massage and spa centres which indirectly gives a bad name to those outlets that are actually really just massage parlous and spas. These days the definition of pampering is very very subjective. But how come there is this demand for paid coitus?

Let us think how can an ailing economy contribute to this billion dollar industry. For one, financial and economic turmoil only means depressed people. Trust me that women are a tough species to keep happy without using money. But that is the fact, they love things and I do mean things. But we can't blame it all on our women now can we? The dicks are at fault too.

The problem here lies in the fact that man or males have this natural behaviour to dominate and be in control. When things get out of their hands they tend to panic and loose purpose. Thus where else they can go to feel that they have the influence albeit with a tiny bit of help of printed notes?

Just for that brief moment they want to feel powerful. Too bad for these blokes, they end up lesser than what they begin with. The thrill is just temporary. So for those with this power surge and kongkek kuat syndrom, it runs no deeper than those very stunted cattle prods they poke with. Not only do they unload their bowels worth but their money too. All for a stand-up ovation I presume.

20 May, 2009

Predicament of preconditions of the Hindraf 4

I don't get it. Why must there be conditions posed to be free? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of freeing them in the first place? What is the use of it then? Sometimes politicians and the authorities are really and I mean really stupid.

Something so simple, they make it so complicated. Look, if I were them it would be either set them free or do not set them free at all. No need for this clause lah that clause lah... it is all nonsense. With preconditions then the authorities will have to assign a team to the task of babysitting these 4 activist. Still does not solve the problem.

Look, what is the fear of these four men to be freed? They have done all that they can possibly do before they were thrown into ISA. Now all that their supporters want is them to be freed and fight from another angle. I doubt they are stupid to get out just to be thrown in again just by a whisper of what they been trough and what they demand.

It is not rocket science! Even if it is a math equation it will only give one answer.... decide to release them with no strings attached or just dont release them at all in the first place. What a skewed definition of freedom the authorities have? Never go school ka? Owh wait they developed the curriculum~ No wonder la they are short in the IQ part.

Choosey retrench men.

Hard times these days. Keeping a job no longer means coming on time and do your work and go back. These days workers have to do a lot more to make themselve valueble to the company they work for. That would also normally mean to do stuff that one is not paid to do in the first place.

I blame the private sector for not hounouring the appointment letter they give out also those who give out open ended appointment letters that sounds like the employees are to sell their souls to the devil. Workers hardly have any rights. The law is all up to intepretation and when the economy can no longer sustain, employees gets the worst end of the deal.

However, those who end up loosing their jobs tend to think too much about the terms and money. When the government is willing enough to retrain these resources and give them somesort of security they snuff at it. Why the treatment? This is the facts of Malaysians..... when they have to fight for it they say it is hard lah, too tough lah, too low lah and what ever bullshit. When things are given free then suddenly they got pride to keep it seems.... so no thank you come again.

What nonsense is this? No wonder they were retrenched in the first place. This kind of attitude should be left behind. It is good enough people want to give you a chance and you choose not the start over that way. Why? Too much pride is it?

Penanti is a waste of funds.

If only money is everything these days. But for the BN supporters in Penanti, they must be feeling very jilted. BN is choosing not to contest for the seat and further more said not to waste the people's money. Aik.... I thought BN has been doing that since day one. Or does it mean that the money involved in Penanti is spare change compared to other constituencies?

What a sad thing. Anyhow..... my guess is BN will loose a few more supporters in Penanti. Since their favourite party thinks that they are not worth it.

19 May, 2009

Sealangor State: Fredom of Information Law.

At this juncture I hereby would like to state that it is imperitive that the Law should recognize the rights of citizen of this country to obtain information on what is relevent and correct. The move by the state government of Selangor to push forward this motion for the enactment of Freedom of Information Law should be based on good judgement that information made available once this law is passed that all of it is certified true and holds no precursor to those who wants to use it.

However this law once passed could very well play the evil side. What this law might allow is that information about the State and it's dealings is free for circulation to whoever who wants it regardless of it's use. What I heavily suspect is that PKR will use this against UMNO or anyother party or person for that matter to shame and humiliate.

Of course this law may open many doors on transparency in the state administration. But exactly who and reason for these information to be released will remain a big question. Freedom of Information must not be entirely freedom it the actual sense. Information has to be taken care off not to fall to the wrong hands and used for illegitamate reasons.

Although the state law will be superseeded by the federal law, I doubt that it will be sufficient. The Official Secrets Act will most definitely need to be amended to enable this Freedom of Information Law to be in place. THe power to amend this law lies in the federal government which is still held by BN. Would BN allow such a law be passed easily? I doubt it, it will entail so many questions on how the richest state in the country was run by the previous government. That alone could spark a national controversy.

With all the might they can muster, BN will not sleep easy with this law in order. Thus it would be second nature to them (BN) to shoot this one down quickly so as not to unearth skeletons that they burried a long time ago. So, should the people be given liberty to Information? If yes how can it be controlled? Who should be the gatekeeper of secrets and be impartial to whoever who request of information that is contained within? PKR Selangor can try~ and I bet it will be shot down for dead at the federal level. Good Luck.

18 May, 2009

PKR heads to the rakyat for favour~ Campaigning for people's rights?

Is this true? From my understanding of things one should not be supporting either side for the Perak State Government. Both are equally stupid and both are equally arrogant. But non the less PKR is using the sympathy card to entice the people here. What? Want to say I am wrong? Look at their tactics so far.

Having a sitting under a tree for all the public to see and the deal with having 2 speakers in the house. That one BN was stupid as well. Nothing was resolved and everything was a waste of time. I do not know what was the purpose of the sitting anyway for the Raja Muda to officiate it.

Now PKR will be heading to the street to beg for the people to pity them. Dey, which self rightous politician stoop that low lah weh? To think of it, it is their job to stand up for the people not the other way around. A show of hands in a parade will not do anything. Sometimes PKR does things so foolishly. Well they are indeed the new kid on the block when it comes to politics.

I don't agree to such a campaign let alone like the what Anwar is pulling this party into while he sits silently in the background probably scheming something for his next uprising. He made a promise and did not deliver.... his followers just lead on like cows tugged from their nosses. Which actually doesn't make PKR any different from BN. One more thing~ PAS should get the hell out of the coalition. Their party principles are totally different from PKR....of course unless they had a change of tastebuds.

17 May, 2009

Mat Rempit: Cheap thrills or a business?

From the various reports of the Mat Rempit manace anyone could tell that things have gotten from bad to worse. After many many years of their existence, only now the authorities are really making an effort to bust these rouge road abusers.

Are these Mat Rempit a cheap thrill for the young or is it actually a more organized social act or perhaps maybe even a form of organized crime. Now the least of our worries are the fact that snatch theft are often done by those below 40 on kapchais or cub class motorbikes. But to dealve deeper is to actually know what causes these barbaric road wariors to act how they act.

Have it ever occured that these Mat Rempit are actually an organized crime unit? Now how does that changes the gravity of the issue. I bet a lot actually. Now we see them roaming around after dark....and even in daylight where they are even less conspicuous. My hunch of these Mat Rempits, from being individuals or acting in pairs they are actually a bigger group.

All their attacks are practiced and planned thus they should be regarded as dangerous criminals. Ignore the fact that they are ultimately young and less educated but that does not mean they have no brains to scheme the mischievious. The authorities somehow do not realize the fact that they work in great numbers. Their greed is to earn more but with their meagre qualifications and maybe a majority come from less fortunate circumstances invoke them to theft and other minor crimes.

Now from snatch theft slowly it evoles to more hineous crimes. Robbery, hijacking, and murder will slowly become part of their busniess of things. Understand that they as individuals are hopeless...but in a group they are actually a crime force that the authorities should be worried off. So what is taking them such a long time to act upon these bastards?

What else is there to study about them? What else is there to wait for? Why not they just come up with shoot on site of any illicit activity these Mat Rempit are found to do? Not that they are worth saving anyway. I tell you they are an organized crime.... just like gangsters are. Just that they do more damage in the immediate span of time.

16 May, 2009


It's official. A second case have been reported in Penang. The victim whois also a student flew in the same flight as the first victim of the virus. The others in flight MH091 on 13th May should all come forward and report in the nearest hospital for a check-up.

This is not a joke people. Do stay indoors and avoid places with a lot of people.

15 May, 2009

Influenza A: Confirmed 1st case in Malaysia and there is a 2nd one too!

Read more here for the story on the first one~
Here is the 2nd reported in Malaysiakini...

Apparently the 2nd was on the same flight as the first.

Lets take precaution and try to avoid public places.

What is wrong with the word Keling?

Excuse me but what is wrong with the word keling being in Kamus Dewan? We have been using the word for plenty of generations. Although the reasons we use the word may differ from what it was used for then i suspect it is not as degrading than someone calling you with profanity.

From my understanding of the word, it actually originates from a  place called Kalingka. Sometimes society tend to be over sensitive and the tradition of name calling obviously doesn't inspire confidence. But the Keling is a word and for the fact that it is a propper word there should be an entry on it in the dictionary. It is just for understanding and education purposes. So what is the big deal with a court case and all lah?

13 May, 2009

Courts flip-flop: Perak seems glum.

Not even 24 hours and the decision has been reversed. It is very likely now that the Perak State Government wont be stable for another few months. Such an issue can only be resolved by a state election which I do not understand why can't they just get it over and done with.

Nizar and Zambry will have to come to a consensus...PKR and BN has to come to an agreement that whatever it is the state welfare is in jeapordy. This flip-flop antiques should not continue, regardless what are the excuses. Looks like this will be a long political tussle.

12 May, 2009

In great effort to disolve Perak.

The courts have decided. The verdict? PKR 1 and BN embarassment. However I would like to say that Nizar's motion to disband the state government and asking for a fresh mandate is a good thing. One that BN should see as a fair opportunity to take over in a gentlemanly manner. Unlike their past effort to just hijack the state that proved to be causing a lot of problems and sure cost them a lot of money in the process.

Should Nizar be the MB? I bet in all that an MB can't function without the support of all of Perak's parliamentary seats. So it is justified that about who is the MB is not really a big deal. Unless petty things are more of Nizar's concern which it should not.

BN can submit an appeal. But how often an appeal for a case of this sort would change in favour? What BN should do is to just concentrate on serving the rakyat. If they do deserve it then the rakyat would give them what they deserve. As for the moment BN deserves what they have now.

07 May, 2009

Perak: BN - PKR standoff.

Why did this happen? After 2 months and many many sore throats later things does not seem to be heading anywhere. PKR is a stubborn lot, but so too are BN plus what sore loosers they are. Obviously whatever tactics BN has used to regain Perak is by law permissible but in it is still not the best way to resolve things.

Now they want to fire this V Sivakumar and replace him with one of their own breed. So from this morning right until now the standoff is reaching a stalemate. But why isn't the Sultan doing anything about this? Owh wait.... they cant pick sides. Hmmm... but seeing a bunch of adults acting like wildebeast is very very immature indeed.

Now, only if a proper state election was held things would not have come so far this way. Even an innocent tree was put trough trying times. How stupid can that get? Both BN ans PKR have to understand one thing~ they all can have this debate till kingdom come and I assure you nothing will be resolved simply because none of them cares about the state and the people of Perak.

I can tell you this.... all of them in that DUN now is inconsiderate, selfish and ultimately childish. Nothing can save them now.... and above all else no one from both sides deserve to be representative for the people. 

Dah le bodoh dan sombong. Angkuh pulak tu. Isk isk isk.

***ADDED*** 11.30AM

Haahaaahaaa~ there are 2 speakers in the DUN. Now how "syok sendiri" is that?? One says yes... the other says no. One sitting in the speaker's chair while another quickly gets dressed and sworn in. This is really a Jungle Book event! Nothing beats this joke!

***ADDED*** 3:05PM

It makes no difference. From the way things are described in the news on the proceedings of Perak's State Parliament both sides BN and PKR are a bunch of loonies. None of them deserve at all to be representatives. Those who quarrel and shout, those who just sit down and do nothing, those who instigate and jeer all of them are just the same.

Raja Nazrin should have stepped into the proceedings and took the situation by the scruff and blasted every single one of them idiotic ADUNs of how disgusting and degrading thier behavior have been. Both the government and the opposition are complete morons and selfish for them selves. It just clearly shows that the state government is done for.

Perak: The sale of Camrys.

It is obvious that BN does not want any legacy of PKR in the state of Perak. Thus the newly delivered Toyotas will be sold to the highest bidder. Hmmm.... but did they mention exactly who gets to buy them? The public right? No...certainly not the public first but a select few asswipes I bet.

This is the thing, when they manage to sell off all those shiny black Toyotas what are they going to replace it with? Perdana? I bet the dealership that gets the deal will be very happy and in the ordinary scheme of how BN does things certain parties will profit handsomely so everything goes back to square one where the people's money are spent ridiculously to maintain the fleet obviously with a handsome mark-up.

Yes yes yes.... they can say and release a million press statements that everything is done by the book and no one party is taking the moolah. But seriously who are they trying to kid here? I would firmly suggest that the proceeds from the sale of those cars should be partially spent to charity. Whatever amount they get that exceeds the combined market price should be given back to the rakyat.

Again~ seriously....do you think they would do that? Bargghhh~!

Road block to steal your stash of CDs.

I received this email early this morning from my dad.... I am highly sceptical on how true it is but should it be true it is better to be safe than sorry. I can't leave this fact alone really but the ops is a waste of time why so?

 Friend confirmed this true...pls be careful

 Please do not keep any pirated or burned CDs, DVDs, or VCDs in your car.
 Police and Domestic Trade & Consumer Affairs Ministry's enforcement
 division have started the operation to search and fine anyone who keep
 pirated disc inside their car especially through road block at all main
 road and expressways.

 If any pirated or burned disc found inside your car will be charged
 RM400 per disc. Example 30 discs found means the fine will be RM12,000.

 So be extra caution & careful....

Ok now lets see how smart is this action (if such an ops is true)...
First how could they prove that the copied CDs are pirated copies?
I mean there are many and honestly many legal sites out there that allow members to download music legally for practically free!

Next in this hi-tech digital age who the hell needs audio CDs anymore?! You can get your music off iTunes for dirt cheap and burn them all into one CD in MP3. That is pratically hours worth of music on one CD.... you can have a round trip from KL to Perlis and still have a lot of songs to spare.

What right does the authorities have to ransack your personal belongings without a warrant? So dont tell me they have a general warrant~ and just merely fill in the blanks and the letter is presigned by a judge. Preposterous is what I say.

Sometimes such ideas are simply idiotic~ why not start with the lawmaker's family members first. Than the members of the authority than members of the cabinet and thier families than you can talk and just try to start with the rakyat.

Niat mulia tetapi perlaksanaan yang bangang, gampang dan tidak beradap.

06 May, 2009

The macha club contemplates on capping.

Look at what we have here. All the sudden MIC is thinking of capping the terms for the 3 top post. Why? Sammy want's to entomb his spectacular (not so spectacular) record in Malaysian Indian political history kah?

It is a move long overdue. Not any party for that matter need to just stcik to a crop of leaders that will turn to old buggers with desperate hair loss control and flatulence. Plus they should have leaders who are not caught often mid sentence and mispronouncing stuff.

I hope for MIC to get the best foot into the right direction and fast. Malaysians and not only the Indians depend on it. If there is any balance to be kept in the socio economic pond then the Indians who are registered members in this Macha club should realize that passing the baton is a good cycle for progress.

05 May, 2009

Tun PL: Advisor to MAS?

Looks like being an ex PM will certainly have it's perks. The moment one steps down that is when they crawl up the corporate ladder. Not like they have a desk job 9 to 5. All they have to do is attend certain meetings and collect their Director fees of thousands of Ringgit. But it may be of some tiny benefit to MAS who is obviously is not out of tough times since their bailout by the government. All that they can be proud off is the best cabin crew~ and god knows what they are really the best for.

What should MAS do is to the ability to retain their pilots better and not loose them to other airlines such as China for example. Over worked and under paid... that is what the pilots are being treated. At least their pilots have a union and seems pretty apt in pushing the management for better benefits. Looks like if Tun PL wants to be useful he should start there.

02 May, 2009

Babi babi~!! Snoothing Piggies.

Talk about sensitivities. It's like marketing products.... just that this is a dangerous pandemic. Nice it is to know that from Swine Flu it has been re-branded to Influenza A. But it does not diminish the fact that the phobia has already caught on. Honestly pigs are disgusting animals.... and to have a flu associated to such an animal is only fitting.

But what about those who sells them swines for a living? Also for some reason the government wants to protect these swine keepers and keep their image "clean". Get it? Swines? Clean? Roights~ So now we have Influenza A. Let us bet that the next new flu we get will be called Influenza B and so forth. Once they run out of alphabets I bet they will use numbers instead which is infinite.

Whatever it is they want to name these pandemic, let us just hope it wont be a major threat to us. Look at how we handled JE. Now that was an achievement..... how are they going to control people at the borders will be a critical task. For now.... all you Bak Kut Teh fans can still enjoy the soupy delicacy.