02 May, 2009

Babi babi~!! Snoothing Piggies.

Talk about sensitivities. It's like marketing products.... just that this is a dangerous pandemic. Nice it is to know that from Swine Flu it has been re-branded to Influenza A. But it does not diminish the fact that the phobia has already caught on. Honestly pigs are disgusting animals.... and to have a flu associated to such an animal is only fitting.

But what about those who sells them swines for a living? Also for some reason the government wants to protect these swine keepers and keep their image "clean". Get it? Swines? Clean? Roights~ So now we have Influenza A. Let us bet that the next new flu we get will be called Influenza B and so forth. Once they run out of alphabets I bet they will use numbers instead which is infinite.

Whatever it is they want to name these pandemic, let us just hope it wont be a major threat to us. Look at how we handled JE. Now that was an achievement..... how are they going to control people at the borders will be a critical task. For now.... all you Bak Kut Teh fans can still enjoy the soupy delicacy.

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