20 May, 2009

Choosey retrench men.

Hard times these days. Keeping a job no longer means coming on time and do your work and go back. These days workers have to do a lot more to make themselve valueble to the company they work for. That would also normally mean to do stuff that one is not paid to do in the first place.

I blame the private sector for not hounouring the appointment letter they give out also those who give out open ended appointment letters that sounds like the employees are to sell their souls to the devil. Workers hardly have any rights. The law is all up to intepretation and when the economy can no longer sustain, employees gets the worst end of the deal.

However, those who end up loosing their jobs tend to think too much about the terms and money. When the government is willing enough to retrain these resources and give them somesort of security they snuff at it. Why the treatment? This is the facts of Malaysians..... when they have to fight for it they say it is hard lah, too tough lah, too low lah and what ever bullshit. When things are given free then suddenly they got pride to keep it seems.... so no thank you come again.

What nonsense is this? No wonder they were retrenched in the first place. This kind of attitude should be left behind. It is good enough people want to give you a chance and you choose not the start over that way. Why? Too much pride is it?

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