25 May, 2009

For the Kongkek Kuat.

I read with most interest the news today. Not for the resolve of the Perak issue nor about the fact there are 200+ cases reported on suspected H1N1. It is the new on a business that is simply flourishing a combined revenue of billions of ringgit. Yes it is the pay for sex service industry I am talking about.

Now for one thing prostitution is illegal in this country. That is why many brothels are covered up as massage and spa centres which indirectly gives a bad name to those outlets that are actually really just massage parlous and spas. These days the definition of pampering is very very subjective. But how come there is this demand for paid coitus?

Let us think how can an ailing economy contribute to this billion dollar industry. For one, financial and economic turmoil only means depressed people. Trust me that women are a tough species to keep happy without using money. But that is the fact, they love things and I do mean things. But we can't blame it all on our women now can we? The dicks are at fault too.

The problem here lies in the fact that man or males have this natural behaviour to dominate and be in control. When things get out of their hands they tend to panic and loose purpose. Thus where else they can go to feel that they have the influence albeit with a tiny bit of help of printed notes?

Just for that brief moment they want to feel powerful. Too bad for these blokes, they end up lesser than what they begin with. The thrill is just temporary. So for those with this power surge and kongkek kuat syndrom, it runs no deeper than those very stunted cattle prods they poke with. Not only do they unload their bowels worth but their money too. All for a stand-up ovation I presume.

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