12 May, 2009

In great effort to disolve Perak.

The courts have decided. The verdict? PKR 1 and BN embarassment. However I would like to say that Nizar's motion to disband the state government and asking for a fresh mandate is a good thing. One that BN should see as a fair opportunity to take over in a gentlemanly manner. Unlike their past effort to just hijack the state that proved to be causing a lot of problems and sure cost them a lot of money in the process.

Should Nizar be the MB? I bet in all that an MB can't function without the support of all of Perak's parliamentary seats. So it is justified that about who is the MB is not really a big deal. Unless petty things are more of Nizar's concern which it should not.

BN can submit an appeal. But how often an appeal for a case of this sort would change in favour? What BN should do is to just concentrate on serving the rakyat. If they do deserve it then the rakyat would give them what they deserve. As for the moment BN deserves what they have now.


calvaryzone said...

thats what i call a good show.
it was a fun week-long ride of never-ending controversies and excitement surrounding the latest development in perak.

as you say, lets put it back to the votes. i am sure it'll be PKR 1 and BN embarassment all over again.

Trashed said...

This should be entered into the Malaysian Book of Reocrds for the fastest ruling by the Court of Appeal of less than 24 hrs in which a solitary judge ordered a stay of execution to Dato Zambry.

I may be wrong, but aren't there supposed to be three judges to hear an appeal ?

Perhaps the judge was suitably impressed by the pleadings of one who might be the next Mandela or Gandhi in the making. Now, who would want to be the obstacle of history ?

Bottom line - Perak is still paralysed.

Solution - HRH Sultan Perak holds the key. Please dispatch wisdom worthy of Soloman.