06 May, 2009

The macha club contemplates on capping.

Look at what we have here. All the sudden MIC is thinking of capping the terms for the 3 top post. Why? Sammy want's to entomb his spectacular (not so spectacular) record in Malaysian Indian political history kah?

It is a move long overdue. Not any party for that matter need to just stcik to a crop of leaders that will turn to old buggers with desperate hair loss control and flatulence. Plus they should have leaders who are not caught often mid sentence and mispronouncing stuff.

I hope for MIC to get the best foot into the right direction and fast. Malaysians and not only the Indians depend on it. If there is any balance to be kept in the socio economic pond then the Indians who are registered members in this Macha club should realize that passing the baton is a good cycle for progress.

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Gallivanter said...

FINALLY. Every Indian person I know hates Samy Vellu's guts.