17 May, 2009

Mat Rempit: Cheap thrills or a business?

From the various reports of the Mat Rempit manace anyone could tell that things have gotten from bad to worse. After many many years of their existence, only now the authorities are really making an effort to bust these rouge road abusers.

Are these Mat Rempit a cheap thrill for the young or is it actually a more organized social act or perhaps maybe even a form of organized crime. Now the least of our worries are the fact that snatch theft are often done by those below 40 on kapchais or cub class motorbikes. But to dealve deeper is to actually know what causes these barbaric road wariors to act how they act.

Have it ever occured that these Mat Rempit are actually an organized crime unit? Now how does that changes the gravity of the issue. I bet a lot actually. Now we see them roaming around after dark....and even in daylight where they are even less conspicuous. My hunch of these Mat Rempits, from being individuals or acting in pairs they are actually a bigger group.

All their attacks are practiced and planned thus they should be regarded as dangerous criminals. Ignore the fact that they are ultimately young and less educated but that does not mean they have no brains to scheme the mischievious. The authorities somehow do not realize the fact that they work in great numbers. Their greed is to earn more but with their meagre qualifications and maybe a majority come from less fortunate circumstances invoke them to theft and other minor crimes.

Now from snatch theft slowly it evoles to more hineous crimes. Robbery, hijacking, and murder will slowly become part of their busniess of things. Understand that they as individuals are hopeless...but in a group they are actually a crime force that the authorities should be worried off. So what is taking them such a long time to act upon these bastards?

What else is there to study about them? What else is there to wait for? Why not they just come up with shoot on site of any illicit activity these Mat Rempit are found to do? Not that they are worth saving anyway. I tell you they are an organized crime.... just like gangsters are. Just that they do more damage in the immediate span of time.

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Stephen of ibelin said...

I totally agree with you.
Why waste money sending Mat Rempits for rehabilitation. The money should be spent on the police instead to arrest the mat rempits or at least help the families or love ones that have been robbed, attacked ,walloped and even murdered by mat rempits.

Its like the gangsters we had during the 70s, the police shoot to kill every last gangster muthafuckers till no one dare admit as one anymore.

Its time they should cleanup kuala lumpur and malaysia from a new breed of muthafuckers again.