07 May, 2009

Perak: BN - PKR standoff.

Why did this happen? After 2 months and many many sore throats later things does not seem to be heading anywhere. PKR is a stubborn lot, but so too are BN plus what sore loosers they are. Obviously whatever tactics BN has used to regain Perak is by law permissible but in it is still not the best way to resolve things.

Now they want to fire this V Sivakumar and replace him with one of their own breed. So from this morning right until now the standoff is reaching a stalemate. But why isn't the Sultan doing anything about this? Owh wait.... they cant pick sides. Hmmm... but seeing a bunch of adults acting like wildebeast is very very immature indeed.

Now, only if a proper state election was held things would not have come so far this way. Even an innocent tree was put trough trying times. How stupid can that get? Both BN ans PKR have to understand one thing~ they all can have this debate till kingdom come and I assure you nothing will be resolved simply because none of them cares about the state and the people of Perak.

I can tell you this.... all of them in that DUN now is inconsiderate, selfish and ultimately childish. Nothing can save them now.... and above all else no one from both sides deserve to be representative for the people. 

Dah le bodoh dan sombong. Angkuh pulak tu. Isk isk isk.

***ADDED*** 11.30AM

Haahaaahaaa~ there are 2 speakers in the DUN. Now how "syok sendiri" is that?? One says yes... the other says no. One sitting in the speaker's chair while another quickly gets dressed and sworn in. This is really a Jungle Book event! Nothing beats this joke!

***ADDED*** 3:05PM

It makes no difference. From the way things are described in the news on the proceedings of Perak's State Parliament both sides BN and PKR are a bunch of loonies. None of them deserve at all to be representatives. Those who quarrel and shout, those who just sit down and do nothing, those who instigate and jeer all of them are just the same.

Raja Nazrin should have stepped into the proceedings and took the situation by the scruff and blasted every single one of them idiotic ADUNs of how disgusting and degrading thier behavior have been. Both the government and the opposition are complete morons and selfish for them selves. It just clearly shows that the state government is done for.


genesispassion said...

the ram but an is on the take maybe ? or maybe perak need some funs ..ite be too quiet for 50 yrs? maybe..this spur economic growth...hotels are full food shops are packed...maybe ..let s party time ! that sultan..gosh... i am getting menopause at that name !

Trashed said...

Perhaps the Perak Royal house should not have graced the occassion, knowing that such a confrontation was bound to have happened given the ongoing court cases.

Why not just wait till the courts decide and then convene ? That would have avoided this debacle where brawn seems to have taking control of the Perak DUN.