07 May, 2009

Perak: The sale of Camrys.

It is obvious that BN does not want any legacy of PKR in the state of Perak. Thus the newly delivered Toyotas will be sold to the highest bidder. Hmmm.... but did they mention exactly who gets to buy them? The public right? No...certainly not the public first but a select few asswipes I bet.

This is the thing, when they manage to sell off all those shiny black Toyotas what are they going to replace it with? Perdana? I bet the dealership that gets the deal will be very happy and in the ordinary scheme of how BN does things certain parties will profit handsomely so everything goes back to square one where the people's money are spent ridiculously to maintain the fleet obviously with a handsome mark-up.

Yes yes yes.... they can say and release a million press statements that everything is done by the book and no one party is taking the moolah. But seriously who are they trying to kid here? I would firmly suggest that the proceeds from the sale of those cars should be partially spent to charity. Whatever amount they get that exceeds the combined market price should be given back to the rakyat.

Again~ seriously....do you think they would do that? Bargghhh~!


Gallivanter said...

And then if and when PKR takes over, the Perdanas will go on sale yet again. Winners - Toyota and Proton. Losers - Rakyat.


Rauff said...

Hahahah~!!!! Thats a good one!!!