18 May, 2009

PKR heads to the rakyat for favour~ Campaigning for people's rights?

Is this true? From my understanding of things one should not be supporting either side for the Perak State Government. Both are equally stupid and both are equally arrogant. But non the less PKR is using the sympathy card to entice the people here. What? Want to say I am wrong? Look at their tactics so far.

Having a sitting under a tree for all the public to see and the deal with having 2 speakers in the house. That one BN was stupid as well. Nothing was resolved and everything was a waste of time. I do not know what was the purpose of the sitting anyway for the Raja Muda to officiate it.

Now PKR will be heading to the street to beg for the people to pity them. Dey, which self rightous politician stoop that low lah weh? To think of it, it is their job to stand up for the people not the other way around. A show of hands in a parade will not do anything. Sometimes PKR does things so foolishly. Well they are indeed the new kid on the block when it comes to politics.

I don't agree to such a campaign let alone like the what Anwar is pulling this party into while he sits silently in the background probably scheming something for his next uprising. He made a promise and did not deliver.... his followers just lead on like cows tugged from their nosses. Which actually doesn't make PKR any different from BN. One more thing~ PAS should get the hell out of the coalition. Their party principles are totally different from PKR....of course unless they had a change of tastebuds.

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