20 May, 2009

Predicament of preconditions of the Hindraf 4

I don't get it. Why must there be conditions posed to be free? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of freeing them in the first place? What is the use of it then? Sometimes politicians and the authorities are really and I mean really stupid.

Something so simple, they make it so complicated. Look, if I were them it would be either set them free or do not set them free at all. No need for this clause lah that clause lah... it is all nonsense. With preconditions then the authorities will have to assign a team to the task of babysitting these 4 activist. Still does not solve the problem.

Look, what is the fear of these four men to be freed? They have done all that they can possibly do before they were thrown into ISA. Now all that their supporters want is them to be freed and fight from another angle. I doubt they are stupid to get out just to be thrown in again just by a whisper of what they been trough and what they demand.

It is not rocket science! Even if it is a math equation it will only give one answer.... decide to release them with no strings attached or just dont release them at all in the first place. What a skewed definition of freedom the authorities have? Never go school ka? Owh wait they developed the curriculum~ No wonder la they are short in the IQ part.

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