19 May, 2009

Sealangor State: Fredom of Information Law.

At this juncture I hereby would like to state that it is imperitive that the Law should recognize the rights of citizen of this country to obtain information on what is relevent and correct. The move by the state government of Selangor to push forward this motion for the enactment of Freedom of Information Law should be based on good judgement that information made available once this law is passed that all of it is certified true and holds no precursor to those who wants to use it.

However this law once passed could very well play the evil side. What this law might allow is that information about the State and it's dealings is free for circulation to whoever who wants it regardless of it's use. What I heavily suspect is that PKR will use this against UMNO or anyother party or person for that matter to shame and humiliate.

Of course this law may open many doors on transparency in the state administration. But exactly who and reason for these information to be released will remain a big question. Freedom of Information must not be entirely freedom it the actual sense. Information has to be taken care off not to fall to the wrong hands and used for illegitamate reasons.

Although the state law will be superseeded by the federal law, I doubt that it will be sufficient. The Official Secrets Act will most definitely need to be amended to enable this Freedom of Information Law to be in place. THe power to amend this law lies in the federal government which is still held by BN. Would BN allow such a law be passed easily? I doubt it, it will entail so many questions on how the richest state in the country was run by the previous government. That alone could spark a national controversy.

With all the might they can muster, BN will not sleep easy with this law in order. Thus it would be second nature to them (BN) to shoot this one down quickly so as not to unearth skeletons that they burried a long time ago. So, should the people be given liberty to Information? If yes how can it be controlled? Who should be the gatekeeper of secrets and be impartial to whoever who request of information that is contained within? PKR Selangor can try~ and I bet it will be shot down for dead at the federal level. Good Luck.

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