05 May, 2009

Tun PL: Advisor to MAS?

Looks like being an ex PM will certainly have it's perks. The moment one steps down that is when they crawl up the corporate ladder. Not like they have a desk job 9 to 5. All they have to do is attend certain meetings and collect their Director fees of thousands of Ringgit. But it may be of some tiny benefit to MAS who is obviously is not out of tough times since their bailout by the government. All that they can be proud off is the best cabin crew~ and god knows what they are really the best for.

What should MAS do is to the ability to retain their pilots better and not loose them to other airlines such as China for example. Over worked and under paid... that is what the pilots are being treated. At least their pilots have a union and seems pretty apt in pushing the management for better benefits. Looks like if Tun PL wants to be useful he should start there.

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