30 May, 2009

What a week! PKFZ, Jaya tumbles down and Chin Peng denied home.

Wow....what a week it has been. PKFZ report finally sees daylight. We had a collapse of an old mall luckily only six were trapped underneath knowing PJ SS14 is a very busy place. Actually what interest me troughout the week was about Chin Peng.

I remember reading it in those KBSM history text books from school and Chin Peng was one of the most prolific names that stuck in my head apart from Parameswara and a few others. But what I could say is that some facts about PKM was indeed disturbing. I just could understand if he was to be admired but the fact that he should be recognized as a national hero is ubsurd. Using the wrong means for a noble cause doesn't make it right. So the decision not to allow Chin Peng to return is a good one. He is in Bangkok~ now that is a fun place to live.

The good old ex-Cold Storage mall came tumbling down while demolition works was in the process. So nature took a bit of the hardwork along with some labourers with it. The fact is that with the fast state of development in the area this old building could not stand the structural stresses anymore. So it did itself a favour....by crashing down. Funny how this the media did not blow the story out of proportion. Perhaps because it was just an old vacated building.

Fianlly PKFZ. The report is out and is available for down load by the public for two weeks. That should be sufficient~ However this issue is claimed to be a very critical one as it involved the tax payer's money. Honestly ah....there are many more things to consider about the people's money not just a dumb free trade zone. Anyhow money is always money and forever will be money as long as the economy holds it's own ass up.

I can't make my own conclusion on this or publish my thoughts as I have accessed the said website to read the full report and the clause is as such if I do violate then action can be taken. But really let the authorities handle this.... no matter what we do or say about this wont make the government to write a cheque to refund your taxes.

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