02 June, 2009

48% satisfaction: Half good or half bad?

The old TPM who is the new PM is either half good or half bad~ That is what the survey says. So are we being optimistic or a pessimist here? Which way are we to look at it? Honestly the results from the survey shows that it is too soon to tell. There is no fuss really and we all should give Najib enough time to get his gear on things. It is not as easy as a server migration so to speak.

In fact all controversies aside I have to say Najib is doing alright. Of course the sparkle of improvements should arrive very soon other wise the people will get bored of waiting~ as just like what happened to Tun Pak Lah when he was PM.

However this 1 Malaysia thing is to me a gimmick. Look at how often these sort of government campaign is handled. Some odd marketing division of the government takes hold and tries too hard to impress the people to buy in this idea.

Alright this campaign will never achieve its target simply because it is not a practice since Merdeka. We had so many campaigns and with every new cabinet and PM it changes taglines. What is it are they trying to sell? The idea or the trinkets and novel items? It is something that wont be soved with just advertising and fancy posters.

So for a good margin this figure of 48% can also reflect how these government departments are good in marketing this idea. don't see what Najib needs to be kept an eye on~ the various ministries should be the one placed under the microscope. How effective are they in carrying out their duties? Perhaps cutting off the coffee breaks could improve efficiency.

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