29 June, 2009

Are graduates everthing they seem to be these days?

Questions are often asked during interviews to fresh graduates. Among them are "Have you had any experience in working before?" or "What did you learn while in Uni". Somehow these graduates will purge some anwer regardless if it is true or otherwise. Well, they are a desperate bunch since looking for a job is so hard these days let alone to landing an interview. So yes some lie trough their noses.

But what seems to be a concern is not about those lies. In fact it is not really important that if you have a degree at all. Instead what knowledge that you have that came along after you have graduate is what all the employers there are finding out for. No I am not saying that education is not important or graduating is not important but there is a reason for all that jazz in the first place.

I know many graduates. Some of them really smart... Deans list and all but end up just furthering their studies for Masters and later Phd. I keep wondering what for if there is no work experience. And what is the pressure really to do Masters and Phd when one has yet to make their first EPF contribution. Can these future emplyees expect to get the same pay as their peers whom have just a degree but tonnes of experience?

These are the questions that puts those finding for placements in the industry in a limbo. Paper qualifications or experience? Of those scrolls cant beat the practicality of experience and yet sometimes policies bogs down career advancement because of the lack of paper qualifications. Employers are relunctant in investing in employee development because they are afraid that these very people that they sponsor will leave right after they have paid up their dues on the study grant.

So I do like to imply that some employers are Kiasu. They will hold key people for as long as possible but neglect the junior execitives and not offer them career alternatives. Each company must have a career advancement arm that plans the human resource enhancement in phases. Make it clear that their path has been drawn up and there is a real future instead of sweet promises of increament and incentives but at the end of the day it is all lies or partial truth.

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